Ileana Weichselgartner
Kalkofenstraße 17a
86438 Kissing, Germany
Tel.: +49 8233 735-3498
Fax: +49 1803 5518-68245
  Wappen (crest) Hi, thanks for looking into my web site! I am an American, and a free lance translator in Germany since 1988. I received my Diplom (M.A.) in Psychology from the University of Regensburg in 1995. My minor was Linguistic Information Science. I did my B.A. at New York University in Psychology and minored in Philosophy and Literature. I am currently working at the Institute for Psychology Information in Trier: translating, abbreviating catagorizing and creating new abstracts using the APA standard. I have worked at Berlitz in Augsburg teaching Spanish and English with emphasis on university level and business language. I do technical translations for all areas of psychology, artificial intelligence and other computer areas for Universities such as Munich, Regensburg, Trier and institutes. If you need any translation done or your abstract written in English, efficiently and at a decent price from someone who knows the right technical wording for your text, send me an e-mail, fax or write to the above address. By the way I was raised bilingual (Spanish and English) in the USA. My Spanish is up to university level and I did professional translating in N.Y. for Financial institutions, Foundations and Law firms. As a Psychologist I give Meditation Courses: acquainting people with their Chakras, Mandras, Muldras, and Mandalas from Yoga Meditation, as well as, incorporating the, in psychology, more traditional Autogenes Training, Guided Mental Imaging, Self Analysis, Positive Thinking and Releasing. The technique is Active Meditation that is used to reduce normal daily tension and regenerate. It is a positive experience for anyone. If you live in the Trierer area and are interested in Meditating, send me an e-mail, fax or write to the above address. I am always happy to add to my existing groups or start new groups, or even do two day intense sessions. I also would be very interested in your experience with meditation or any of your views on the subject. It would be great to hear from you! Wappen (crest)  

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